Article by Molly Dignan
San Francisco Chronicle
May 15, 2002

Like Manna from Heaven

    An adorable box of cookies recently landed in the food department like a gift from the dessert gods. Alice's Stick Cookies are buttery toffee delights that melt and crumble all at the same time.
    Alice Larse has been making the cookies for 15 years - almost as long as her friends and family have been pushing her to market them. About two years ago her son, David brought the cookies to the bakery manager of Draeger's. The store employees' enthusiasm sparked Larse to become an entrepreneur at 70.
    Alice's Stick Cookies are available at Draeger's. Andronicos's, Tower Market and Cal Mart in San Francisco, Piazza's in San Mateo and Palo Alto and several other Bay Area markets. The price per box is $6.99 to $8.25.