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About Alice's Stick Cookies... a family favorite for years

Late in life and with much encouragement from family and friends, Alice jumped into the cookie business. For years friends and acquaintances had been asking Alice for this recipe but she resisted sharing it, knowing one day she would start a business with her melt in your mouth treats.

The business started small and grew quickly, becoming famous throughout the United States and Canada. In the beginning friends and friends of friends demonstrated there was a market as they purchased the cookies for their own use and as gifts.

At the Fancy Food Show in New York City Alice's Stick Cookies were awarded the coveted Prize For Best Cookie of 2004 and 2006 by the prestigious National Association For The Specialty Food Trade.

Alice, who grew up working in her father's small town grocery store, especially enjoys the contacts with the stores. She brings energy and enthusiasm to this truly family oriented business.






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